Breeding for "The Great One"
Colt is the first "Denali"
dog to achieve OTCH
status. Colt was raised
with love by Brooke
Annis. Brooke and Cathy
Niles trained Colt and
exhibited him in the
obedience ring working
their way up the ladder all
the way to Obedience
Trial Champion (OTCH).
Colt continued to
compete earning Utility
Dog Excellent 4 (UDX4),
Obedience Master 6
(OM6) and Rally Novice
(RN) titles.

Colt is now enjoying life at
Denali Kennels where he
will be loved and well
cared for while competing
for more titles. He is
welcome to stay here for
as long as he desires as
he is a joy to have around.

Thank you Brooke and
Cathy for the wonderful
gift that you have given
us. We are eternally